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Monthly Archives: October 2012

New logo for BB & Beth

October 12, 2012
B & B

New Corporate Identity created for ‘BB & Beth’ boutique gifts & interiors of Brompton on Swale. New website and marketing material coming soon!

New Site Launched

Lime Lizard is proud to announce the launch of a new site. We hope you find as much information as you need within these pages to choose us as your preferred supplier for creative solutions. If you would like to … Continue reading

Lime Lizard News

Brand Experience

26th August 2020

Branding is what establishes the all-important connection between your business and your customers, and what turns customers into long-standing clients. The power of your brand should never been underestimated.   A strong brand should possess the same traits as those … Continue reading

Lime Lizard Tweets

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